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Scalecaller Peak Dungeon Tips (Normal) - Elder Scrolls Online

Scalecaller Peak 

Dungeon Tips (Normal) First Boss

By Jolt

Alrighty, then! So with the release of the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC "Dragon Bones", with an addition of new features such as a new "outfit station" and new sets of gear, the DLC adds two new dungeons that handle Vet and Non-Vet runs (normal and Vet). This page will supply some tips for the normal dungeon run as right now that is the only one I have experienced.

Ogrun and Rinaerus:
The first boss fight is a duo and there is a specific way to complete this easily.

So the duo consists of two creatures named, "Orgun the Foul-Smelling" and "Rinaerus The Rancid".

Now the mechanics behind this requires you to have the tank pull Orgun the Foul-Smelling away from Rinaerus. The reason the tank needs to pull Orgun and only Orgun is because Rinaerus will stay still in the center but if the two of them get close to each other they become overpowered and will squish your entire group with ease, so keep Orgun away from Rinaerus.

So the best way to complete this is to have the tank pull Orgun and keep him moving around the fight area in a circle away from Rinaerus, then having DPS focus majorly on Rinaerus and the healer focus mainly on the tank. Now it gets tricky. 

Rinaerus will start to cast an "Ice Shard" attack which affects the entire arena. The reason we still haven't finished off Orgun is so that when Rinaerus  casts the "Ice Shard" attack Orgun causes "Ice Towers" to appear somewhere in the arena, players (Healer and DPS most definitely) need to hide behind the ice towers so that the ice tower is between them and Rinaerus as this stops the "Ice Shard" attack from doing damage. 

Keep hitting Rinaerus with the DPS so that he is the first to go but beware there will be times you need to interrupt, as Rinaerus will also at times start hitting the ground which spawns Skeevers that when killed cause a poison AoE that deals a vast amount of damage quickly.

Once Rinaerus is dead, the DPS is to now focus on Orgun which is a simple boss now but still be aware of the "Ice Towers" that spawn but they are quite easy to deal with, Orgun will go down quite quickly.

Here's my encounter with Orgun and Rinaerus:
(we completed the task differently but after analysing the method above will certainly work better).

Boss Fight #2


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