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How To Add Twitter Cards To Your Blogger Site

How To Add Twitter Cards To Your Blogger Site 
Adding Twitter "Summary" Cards will help drive visitors to your site when sharing via a tweet on twitter, without twitter cards the URL of the page or site will blend in too much with the hashtags that will help spread your page around the internet. It also becomes quite unnoticeable if there are no images to grab someone's attention as they scroll down their feed.
To add Large Summary Twitter cards head over to your Theme tab when in the blogger control panel.
Once it is showing the new information it should look something similar to this.

Now that this page is showing click Edit HTML, it will now look similar to this.

With this page open press Ctrl+F (or Command + F on a Macintosh) and search the term </head> and paste the following code just Above that tag.

<meta content='summary_large_image' name='twitter:card'/> <meta content='@pharahtato' name='twitter:site'/> <meta conten…

Summerset Treasure Map 6 Location

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset  Treasure Map 6 Location 
<-- Map 5Map 1 -->

Summerset Treasure Map 5 Location

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset  Treasure Map 5 Location <-- Map 4Map 6 -->

Summerset Treasure Map 4 Location

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset  Treasure Map 4 Location <-- Map 3Map 5 -->

Summerset Treasure Map 3 Location

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset  Treasure Map 3 Location 

<-- Map 2Map 4 -->

Summerset Treasure Map 2 Location

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset  Treasure Map 2 Location

Summerset Treasure Map 1 Location

The Elder Scrolls Online Summerset  Treasure Map 1 Location

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map II Location

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map II Location (All Photos Taken By Pharahtato aka. Jolt)

<--- Treasure Map 1

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map I Location

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map I Location Location For Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map 1

Basic Godot GDScript Syntax Cheat Sheet

Basic Godot GDScript Syntax Cheat Sheet By Jolt (Pharahtato)I am in the process of adapting to different engines, this Cheat Sheet will have updates over time. It is more for my personal use but hopefully, it will help others as well. Single Line Comments/Remarks: GDScript: # C#: // C++ : //
Multiline Comments/Remarks: GDScript: """ """ (works only in v3.0 otherwise highlight comments and press ctrl+/) C#: /* */ C++: /* */ or /* //*/ Strings: GDScript: var myString = "Hello World" // (no Line Ending Symbol) C#: string myString = "Hello World"; C++: char myString[] = "Hello World";
Integers: GDScript: var myInt = 0 //(No Line End Symbol) C#: int myInt = 0; C++: int myInt = 0; // (remember about Integer/String and Char length restrictions in C++) Floats: GDScript: var myFloat = 0.1 //(Again No Line Ending) C#: float myFloat = 0.1; C++: float myFloat = 0.1; // Don't forget to ensure it does not exceed length limit.
Booleans: GDScript: var myBool…

A Brief Look at C++ - Part 1

A Brief Look at C++Brief Part 1:
First off this is not a guide for complete beginners, this brief is for those who have done programming before and want to adapt to using C++ or renew their understanding.

With C++, Compilers are more important than with C# and Java, this is due to C++ having a couple different standards. In this brief and any following briefs, the standard which will be used is the ANSI C++ standard which will work with any ANSI-Compliant C++ compilers for Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and so on.

If you have worked with C++ before you’ll note that the use of library "includes" change from the pre-ANSI standard which requires the developer to place a .h (“header” file extension) to the name of the included library. 

However, be aware that not all compilers are consistent in their support for #includes that omit the file extension “.h” if you run into error messages you may need to add the extension.

Pre-ANSI Style: #include <iostream.h>
ANSI Style: #include <…

Blogger Now Supports HTTPS With Custom Domains

HTTPS With Custom DomainIt is official. Blogger now allows users to serve content over HTTPS even with a custom domain. If you're experienced with the advanced settings for Blogger, then you'll know how to flip the switch to enable HTTPS.

If you are not accustomed to the advanced settings with blogger and just use it to post then here's how you can turn on/off https for your blog.
Step 1: Log in to your account and select the blog you wish to use.
Step 2: Head on down to the settings tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
Step 3: You'll now be taken to the Basic tab under settings. All you need to do now is change HTTPS Availability to Yes. Also If you Want Users to only use HTTPS then set the HTTPS Redirect to Yes, as well.
Step 4: Congratulations! You have successfully setup HTTPS for your blog. If you have any errors just refresh the page and they should disappear and HTTPS should still work, just add https:// to the beginning of your domain name i…

Scalecaller Peak Dungeon Tips (Normal) - Elder Scrolls Online (Second Boss)

Scalecaller Peak  Dungeon Tips (Normal) Second Boss By Jolt

Ok, so boss 2 is a little different but it is also a bit easier than what the first fight was. This time all you need to do is attack the boss right?
Yeah nah nah yeah but nah.
You must always kill the adds but there is a mechanic to watch out for. There are orbs that come down from where they sit at times and fire a beam of sorts while following a player (usually healer or tank as they aren't paying much attention to their surrounds) if in the vicinity, the ray can petrify you, so to combat this you can either run away (fast) or destroy it before it turns you to stone. 
If there is a player that is petrified stop attacking the main Unless you are  the tank and break your ally free, this can be done by pressing x (or Y + B if using a gamepad) while standing next to them.  Just keep breaking allies free, killing the adds and damaging the main then you'll be fine.

Boss Fight #1

Scalecaller Peak Dungeon Tips (Normal) - Elder Scrolls Online

Scalecaller Peak  Dungeon Tips (Normal) First Boss By Jolt

Alrighty, then! So with the release of the new Elder Scrolls Online DLC "Dragon Bones", with an addition of new features such as a new "outfit station" and new sets of gear, the DLC adds two new dungeons that handle Vet and Non-Vet runs (normal and Vet). This page will supply some tips for the normal dungeon run as right now that is the only one I have experienced.
Ogrun and Rinaerus: The first boss fight is a duo and there is a specific way to complete this easily.
So the duo consists of two creatures named, "Orgun the Foul-Smelling" and "Rinaerus The Rancid".
Now the mechanics behind this requires you to have the tank pull Orgun the Foul-Smelling away from Rinaerus. The reason the tank needs to pull Orgun and only Orgun is because Rinaerus will stay still in the center but if the two of them get close to each other they become overpowered and will squish your entire group with ease, so kee…